Welcome to the Lobal Village!

My name is Savannah Villa (The Traveling Plum) and I carve wooden earrings. I love the outdoors and am a very active person who used to lose earrings constantly. I was so sick of it I started making my own! I designed them with the “pin” system in mind, based off of a pair of coconut earrings I bought while attending University in Turkey.

I did not realize at first how special they really are for many reasons.

This method and material combined allows for long term wear with comfort. While swimming, surfing or simply taking off your scarf, they shouldn’t fall out. Over the last 10 years I have honestly NEVER lost an earring, (That I made). I shower and sleep with them and my long hair never gets stuck in them. My dear friends and family have also been guinea pigs for years, aside from the occasional lost pin there have been no issues I cannot fix.

The Materials: I originally started by using scrap pieces of wood from my friend’s workshop. I still use scrap, found, given and re purposed exotic woods from all over the world. They last just as well as metal but they do not oxidize, no polishing required. They do need to be oiled, especially when they are new. (I use coconut oil and butcher block oil). Over time the natural oils from your skin are enough to keep them perfectly soft, durable and watertight. They are also incredibly lightweight.

Showcasing the incredible beauty of the wood grains and colors has been my goal over the last few years. I have not wanted to carve too much intricate detail into the earrings because of the raw beauty that naturally occurs. Researching new woods/ figuring out what is in front of me is always a fun challenge.

The Pins: I purchase them from sustainably sourced companies in the US, made from bone or horn. They fit all regularly pierced ears and are hypoallergenic. How does it work? One end is thicker than the other which allows them to fit snug. A pair of pliers and maybe a friend are needed to take them out if your fingers cannot grasp the pin. (This get’s easier the more you practice, now I am a pro! Even putting them in for other people). Again, they are designed for long term wear.

Custom Made. Everyone’s ears are different. Some wore heavy earrings in the 80’s, and some had botched ear piercing the first time. Wearing comfortable earrings that fit well is my passion. I want you to love them and feel comfortable with them.

I studied Art History and Studio Art both in the U.S. and in Turkey. I graduated from The University Of Minnesota- Duluth with a BFA. Traveling has been my passion taking me and my studio across the Globe. Hence, the Li Hing moi -or- The Traveling Plum. I currently reside back in Duluth, Minnesota.

Photo taken at my Lahaina, HI studio.